We provide authentic, all-natural Indian-style dairy products, from our original Desi Natural Dahi to our delicious Desi Natural Paneer, Lassi and Chaas. And coming very soon, our new introduction of Desi Natural ORGANIC Dahi and Paneer ? fresh, pure and wholesome! We offer our yogurt in family-friendly 2lb and 5lb tubs and 10lb and 35lb tubs suitable for restaurants, sweet manufacturers and caterers.

Everything we sell is produced in a clean, modern production facility. Our yogurt plants maintain SQF Level 3, Grade A and HAACP certifications from the government. We know that when it comes to feeding your family, it's not just taste that matters ? you also want to know that your food is pure and safe. With our products, you can have it all. Good taste, good quality, all natural products with no added chemicals or preservatives as well as being gluten-free and not genetically modified.

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Desi Natural Dahi Yogurt    View Products:   2lb. Yogurt   5lb. Yogurt    10lb. Yogurt   35lb. Yogurt        

3297 2lb. Whole Cup 8Click Here
3298 2lb. Lowfat Cup 8Click Here
3148 2lb. Nonfat Cup 8Coming Soon
3094 5lb. Whole Cup 6Coming Soon
3098 5lb. Lowfat Cup 6Click Here
3097 35lb. Whole Bucket 1Coming Soon
3195 35lb. Lowfat Bucket 1Coming Soon

Desi Natural Dahi Organic Yogurt       

3121  2 lb. Whole Cup 8Click Here
3114  2 lb. Lowfat Cup 8Click Here

Desi Homestyle Paneer Cheese   View Products: 12 oz. Loaf      2.5 lb. Paneer   5 lb. Paneer       

3096  12 oz. Whole Loaf 20Coming Soon
3099  12 oz. Lowerfat Loaf 20Coming Soon
3208  12 oz. Whole Brick 20Coming Soon
3209  12 oz. Lowerfat Brick 20Coming Soon
3155  2.5 lb. Whole Loaf 8Coming Soon
3156  5lb. Whole Exact Loaf 8Coming Soon
3157  5lb. Whole Random Loaf 8Coming Soon
3396  40lb. Whole Block 2Coming Soon