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Derle Dependability

At Derle Farms, we are known for our experience, dependability, and exemplary service. We earned this reputation by keeping our promises, allowing us to form many long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships. Many of Derle Farms? drivers have close to 20 years experience, and they are dedicated to bringing one of our refrigerated trucks to your door as scheduled, even in times of severe weather. Our experienced sales representatives maintain the personal touch of a small company, and several members of the office staff have been with us for close to 25 years. Most importantly, Abramson family members are directly involved in running Derle Farms day-to-day operations. Anytime you call, you could speak directly to a family member to resolve any issue. By maintaining this non-bureaucratic management style, we can respond directly to your requests and quickly handle any situation without having to call a board meeting.

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Product Selection & Quality

Derle Farms carries and delivers all of the leading dairy products, maintained according to the highest quality standards.Our selection includes:

  American CheeseHTML tutorial    

796  American Cheese 5 lb. Northside 160 Slices-4

  Bacon        HTML tutorial    

550  Bacon 15lb. Farmland SlicedBox1

  Butter       HTML tutorial    

763  Butter 1 lb. Cabot Salt Solid BlockBoxed36
794  Butter 30lb. Golden Delicious Zero Transfat Butter BlendBoxed30
1063  Butter 8 lb. Hotel Bar Butter CupsCup720
7763  Butter 1 lb. Cabot Sweet SolidBoxed36
7793  Butter 7 lb. Hotel Bar Whipped TubsBoxed2

  Buttermilk        HTML tutorial    

18  Buttermilk Quarts The Country Creamery UHTPaper16
618  Buttermilk 1/2 Gallon Royal UHTPaper16

  Chobani Yogurt        HTML tutorial    

180  Yogurt 6 oz. Chaboni BlueberryCup12
181  Yogurt 6 oz. Chaboni PeachCup12
182  Yogurt 6 oz. Chaboni StrawberryCup12
184  Yogurt 6 oz. Chaboni Black CherryCup12
185  Yogurt 6 oz. Chaboni PlainCup12
187  Yogurt 6 oz. Chaboni MangoCup12
188  Yogurt 6 oz. Chaboni Strawberry BananaCup12
189  Yogurt 6 oz. Chaboni VanillaCup12
192  Yogurt 6 oz. Chaboni RaspberryCup12

  Chocolate Milk        HTML tutorial    

120  Milk 1/2 Gallon Tuscan ChocolatePlastic9
264  Milk 1/2 Pints Guidas ChocolatePaper50

  Cottage Cheese        HTML tutorial    

82  Cottage Cheese 5 lb. Queensboro RegularTub6

  Coffee Creamers        HTML tutorial    

78  Creamers 3/8 oz. Hood Half & HalfPlastic400
788  Creamers 3/8 oz. Milk MilkPlastic400
7888  Creamers 3/8 oz. Farmland MilkPlastic360

  Coffee Creamers        HTML tutorial    

582  Creamers Quarts International Delight French VanillaPlastic6
682  Creamers Quarts International Delight HazelnutPlastic6

  Coffee Creamers        HTML tutorial    

378  Creamers Pints International Delight French VanillaPlastic6
678  Creamers Pints International Delight HazelnutPlastic6

  Cream Cheese        HTML tutorial    

283  Cream Cheese 30 lb. Philly 30 Single PackPlastic1
383  Cream Cheese 5 lb. Smithfeld RegularTub2

  Dannon Yogurt        HTML tutorial    

191  Yogurt 6 oz. Dannon BlueberryCup12
491  Yogurt 6 oz. Dannon StrawberryCup12
791  Yogurt 6 oz. Dannon PeachCup12
891  Yogurt 6 oz. Dannon Strawberry BananaCup12
1091  Yogurt 6 oz. Dannon Mixed BerryCup12
1491  Yogurt 6 oz. Dannon Variety PackCup18

  Eggs       HTML tutorial    

277  Eggs Medium Hillandale Whole EggsBoxed15
477  Eggs Jumbo Derle Farms Whole EggsBoxed12
577  Eggs Medium Derle Farms Whole EggsBoxed15
677  Eggs Large Derle Farms Whole EggsBoxed15
777  Eggs Extra Large Derle Farms Whole EggsBoxed15
877  Eggs Extra Large Derle Farms Loose EggsCup15

  GatoradeHTML tutorial    

710  Energy Drink 20 oz. Gatorade GrapePlastic24
711  Energey Drink 20 oz. Gatorade Fruit PunchPlastic24
712  Energy Drink 20 oz. Gatorade Blue RaspberryPlastic24
713  Energy Drink 20 oz. Gatorade Lemon LimePlastic24
714  Energy Drink 20 oz. Gatorade OrangePlastic

  Gloves        HTML tutorial    

115  Deli Gloves Extra Large - Powder FreeBox1000
116  Deli Gloves Large - Powder FreeBoxes1000

  Gouda Cheese        HTML tutorial    

 52 Gouda Cheese 10lb. Wheel Scray's Gouda CheeseBox1

  Half & Half        HTML tutorial    

616  Half & Half Quarts Derle Farms UHTPaper24
617  Half & Half Pints Derle Farms UHTPaper42

  Heavy Cream        HTML tutorial    

610  Heavy Cream Quarts Derle Farms 36%Paper24
6611  Heavy Cream 1/2 Pints Derle Farms 36%Paper72
14  Heavy Cream Quarts Freshlife 40%Paper24

  Lactose Free Milk        HTML tutorial    

1498  Lactose Free Milk 96 oz. Lactaid WholePlastic6
1494  Lactose Free Milk 96 oz. Lactaid 1%Plastic6
1497  Lactose Free Milk 96 oz. Lactaid SkimPlastic6
1495  Lactose Free Milk 96 oz. Lactaid 2%Plastic6
1499  Lactose Free Milk 96 oz. Lactaid CalciumPlastic6

  Lactose Free Milk        HTML tutorial    

1074  Lactose Free Milk 1/2 Gallon Lactaid WholePaper6
1041  Lactose Free Milk 1/2 Gallon Lactaid 1%Paper6
2077  Lactose Free Milk 1/2 Gallon Lactaid SkimPaper6
1073  Lactose Free Milk 1/2 Gallon Lactaid 2%Paper6
1048  Lactose Free Milk 1/2 Gallon Lactaid CalciumPaper6

  Lactose Free Milk        HTML tutorial    

Lactose Free Milk Quart Lactaid CalciumPaper12
1141  Lactose Free Milk Quart Lactaid 100% 1%Paper12

  Light Cream        HTML tutorial    

612  Light Cream Quarts Derle Farms UHTPaper12


202  Milk Gallon Derle Farms WholePlastic4
215 Milk Gallon Derle Farms 2%Plastic4
2230  Milk Gallon Derle Farms 1%Plastic4
2214  Milk Gallon Derle Farms SkimPlastic4


289  Milk 1/2 Gallon Derle Farms WholePlastic9
2831  Milk 1/2 Gallon Derle Farms 1%Plastic9
2833  Milk 1/2 Gallon Derle Farms 2%Plastic9
2839  Milk 1/2 Gallon Derle Farms SkimPlastic9


2555  Milk Quarts Derle Farms WholePlastic16
2510  Milk Quarts Derle Farms 2%Plastic16
2532  Milk Quarts Derle Farms 1%Plastic16
2529  Milk Quarts Derle Farms SkimPlastic16


2106  Milk Pints Dairy Pure WholePlastic12

  Milk        HTML tutorial    

227  Milk 1/2 Pints Tuscan WholePaper50
258  Milk 1/2 Pints Tuscan 1%Paper50
259  Milk 1/2 Pints Tuscan SkimPaper50
264  Milk 1/2 Pints Guidas ChocolatePaper50
21012  Milk 1/2 Pints Guidas 2%Paper50
1696  Milk 1/2 Pints Lactaid FF CalciumPaper20


21019  Milk 4 oz. Guidas WholePaper75
21020  Milk 4 oz. Guidas SkimPaper75

  Nestle        HTML tutorial    

128  Flavored Milk Pints Nestle ChocolatePlastic12
155  Flavored Milk Pints Nestle StrawberryPlastic12
428  Flavored Milk Pints Nestle Banana StrawberryPlastic12
528  Flavored Milk Pints Nestle VanillaPlastic12

  Nutrament HTML tutorial    

810  Protein Shake 12 oz. Nutrament VanillaCan24
811  Protein Shake 12 oz. Nutrament VanillaCan24
812  Protein Shake 12 oz. Nutrament StrawberryCan24
813  Protein Shake 12 oz. Nutrament BananaCan24

  Oat Milk HTML tutorial    

148  Oat Milk 52 oz. Planet Oat Milk WholeBox6

  Organic Milk        HTML tutorial    

70  Organic Milk 1/2 Gallons Horizon WholePaper8
71  Organic Milk 1/2 Gallons Horizon 1%Paper8
72  Organic Milk 1/2 Gallons Horizon 2%Paper8
73  Organic Milk 1/2 Gallons Horizon SkimPaper8
130  Organic Milk 1/2 Gallons Stonyfield WholePaper6
131  Organic Milk 1/2 Gallons Stonyfield 2%Paper6

  Poland Spring Water        HTML tutorial    

197  Water Gallon Poland Spring WaterPlastic6
194  Water 1 Liter Poland Spring WaterPlastic15
199  Water 1.5 Liter Poland Spring WaterPlastic-
192  Water Sports Cap Poland Spring WaterPlastic24
196  Water Pints Poland Spring WaterPlastic40
198  Water 8 oz. Poland Spring WaterPlastic-

  Poly BagsHTML tutorial    

2201  Milk 20 Quart Class 1 WholeBag1
104  Milk 20 Quart Class 2 WholeBag1

  Premier Soy Oil    

84  Soy Oil 35 lbs Premier Salad OilPlastic1

  Silk Soy Milk        HTML tutorial    

296  Soy Milk 1/2 Gallons Silk AlmondPaper6
297  Soy Milk 1/2 Gallons Silk PlainPaper6
298  Soy Milk 1/2 Gallona Silk VanillaPaper6

  Silk Soy Milk    

1297  Soy Milk Quarts Silk PlainPaper12

   Simply Juices       HTML tutorial    

935  Juices 59 oz. Simply LemonadePlastic6
936  Juices 59 oz. Simply Orange JuicePlastic6
938  Juices 59 oz. Simply RaspberryPlastic6

   Simply Juices       HTML tutorial    

930  Juices 11.5 oz. Simply Orange JuicePlastic12
931  Juices 11.5 oz. Simply LemonadePlastic12
932  Juices 11.5 oz. Simply LimeadePlastic12
933  Juices 11.5 oz. Simply Raspberry LemonadePlastic13
934  Juices 11.5 oz. Simply ApplePlastic12
929  Juices 11.5 oz. Simply MangoPlastic12
928  Juices 11.5 oz. Simply CranberryPlastic12

  Skim Plus        HTML tutorial    

1851  Skim Plus 1/2 Gallons Farmland SkimPaper6
1852  Skim Plus Quarts Farmland SkimPaper12

  Sour Cream        HTML tutorial    

220  Sour Cream 5 lb. Cabot RegularTub6
21  Sour Cream Pints Farmers Creamery RegularCup12

  Tampico Drinks       HTML tutorial    

22041  Drinks Gallon Tampico MangoPlastic6
22042  Drinks Gallon Tampico Citrus PunchPlastic6
22043  Drinks Gallon Tampico Fruit PunchPlastic6
22054  Drinks Gallon Tampico IslandPlastic6

  Thurst Burst       HTML tutorial    

426  Juice Pints Thurst Burst OrangePlastic24
526  Juice Pints Thurst Burst GrapePlastic24
626  Juice Pints Thurst Burst Fruit PunchPlastic24
726  Juice Pints Thurst Burst Lemon LimePlastic24
826  Juice Pints Thurst Burst Blue RaspberryPlastic24

  Totes        HTML tutorial    

3159  Milk 300 Class 2 WholeBag1

  Tree Ripe        HTML tutorial    

5888  Juice 1/2 Gallon Tree Ripe OrangePlastic1

  Tropicana Juices        HTML tutorial    

480  Orange Juice 59 oz. Tropicana OriginalPlastic6

  Tropicana Juices        HTML tutorial    

33  Juice Pints Tropicana OrangePaper12
274  Juice Pints Tropicana Orange / Strawberry / BananaPaper12
276  Juice Pints Tropicana HomestylePaper12
280  Juice Pints Tropicana Orange + CalciumPaper12

  Tropicana Juices        HTML tutorial    

690  Juice 12oz. Tropicana OrangePlastic12
691  Juice 12oz. Tropicana ApplePlastic12
692  Juice 12oz. Tropicana GrapePlastic12
693  Juice 12oz. Tropicana CranberryPlastic12

  Tropicana Juices        HTML tutorial    

43  Juice 6 oz. Tropicana OrangePaper48

  Whip Cream        HTML tutorial    

23  Whip Cream 15 oz. Dairy Star RegularCan12